Selma jolted when the soldier removed

Selma jolted when the soldier removed the bug from her cunt, letting out a long, sensual moan. Apparently, the sudden motion of the bug’s tail in her pussy had triggered an instant orgasm. The soldier just stared at her and his cock stirred again.
The company’s team searched every corner of the house and the surrounding area. The manhole had been covered with leaves by Vivian and luckily the soldiers didn’t see it. One of the men thought he heard the echo of a woman moaning in the distance but he wasn’t sure.

Vivian’s bedroom was the last darmowy sex place of the house they swept. A young woman was lying spread-eagle on the bed, also in a state of elation. A larger bug was calmly pumping her pussy and he intended to follow the main bug’s instructions: offer no resistance.

The team leader was standing beside the bed, holding a cellphone and reporting the situation.

“Yes, Sir. We caught them completely by surprise. We got them all. There were several bugs and a dozen women. Some of them are pregnant and others are… in the process of getting pregnant,” he said, looking down at the mating couple, then he added, “We checked the surrounding area but found nothing. Apparently the only house being used as a nest was the Doctor’s.”

The woman moaned softly, waving her hips up and down and squeezing the bug’s appendage with her vaginal muscles. She knew that she was going to get pregnant again and giving birth to more masters was the greatest possible pleasure. The team leader got distracted by this for a moment but then continued his report, “Some creatures are bigger than the ones in the lab. They won’t fit in the containers. But they are very docile and easy to restrain. It won’t be a problem to transport them.”

* * *

Unaware of the events that were mamy dla Ciebie sex telefon taking place not far from there, inside Vivian’s house, Violet and the humanoid were still fucking like there was no tomorrow. Violet was down no her hands and knees and she was receiving every blow from behind with a muted grunt. Her entire body swayed back and forth after each powerful penetration.

Who would have thought that a couple of days ago, Violet was enjoying a few drinks at a friend’s house and now she was being rammed by a monstrous creature. Further more, to her, this creature was not a monster, it was the most beautiful creation that ever lived. And she belonged to him, completely and devotedly.

The higher pitch of Violet’s moans indicated that she was close to orgasm. The humanoid had learned this quickly and he wanted to reach his peak at the same time. He increased the pace, augmenting her arousal even more. It was just a matter of seconds…

Violet went rigid for an instant right before her orgasm ignited in her pussy, moving like lightning to her brain. White light exploded behind her eyes which made her scream in unbridled bliss. The forceful contractions of Violet’s pussy was all the humanoid needed to finish off. He lifted his compounded eyes to look at the ceiling of the tunnel and discharged a large load of cum inside the girl’s body. Violet was still in the midst of climax and the sensation of his hot sperm filling her cavity only prolonged the bliss and made her shudder even harder.

After the orgasmic reverie washed off, Violet remembered why they were here in the sewer and turned around to look at her Master. They needed to move now. The humanoid wanted a second round but he sensed the woman’s concern and decided to follow her lead.

“We should go Master, I have to keep you safe.”

After walking for almost two hours, Violet considered that they were far enough and decided to check outside. They needed to begin the search for a new nest. “Please wait here, Master. I’ll make sure it is safe to come out.”

The humanoid have never been alone before, not even for a few minutes, and got very anxious when Violet started climbing the ladder, leaving him behind.

They were lucky. This sewer exit was located mamy dla Ciebie sex tel in an alley. Better yet, the sun was going down and very few people was passing by. Violet recognized the neighborhood. It was a part of the city with low-income residents.

“Please hurry Master. Don’t make any noise and hide behind that fence,” Violet whispered, as her master climbed up the ladder and emerged into the alley.

Violet saw a woman standing in the sidewalk but she was looking the other way. The woman was wearing very sexy clothes and Violet suspected she was a hooker. This gave her an idea. When the humanoid hid behind the fence, Violet walked out of the alley without being seen and then approached the woman like a regular customer. They started talking.